Nanna’s Drink


Isn’t that sweet? My late maternal grandmother, Violet, at her 75th birthday party, in November 1993, with a really sweet looking soon to be six year old me. I don’t know what happened…….

Today’s post isn’t really a recipe as such. It is more of a suggestion really; Cinzano and Lemonade.

Cinzano and Lemonade was one of my late grandmother’s favourite drinks. Whenever myself or one of my brothers and cousins drink it, we are instantly reminded of Nanna. She was awesome. Hell, she was kickarse.

My grandmother was a fabulous ballsy old broad. When offered a drink, she would say “Might as well!”, and would wait as you poured it, “Say when Nanny”, we’d say, until you were almost a millimeter from the rim of the glass, then she’d down it in one. I was always astonished by this. I’ve tried, believe me I’ve tried, to do it like her, and I fail every bloody time.

Anyway, as a little nod to her, I give you……

Cinzano and Lemonade – basically just a suggestion. Do the quantities to your own taste.

Cinzano, cold from the fridge
Lemonade, cold from the fridge

Simply put ice into your chosen glass. I like using a big tumbler for my mixer drinks.

Add a measure of Cinzano, I use two bottle capfuls, to this, and top up with lemonade.

Enjoy with nibbles.


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