An Update

Well, well, my dear reader, what a hectic eighteen months I’ve had. I moved to Southampton, then back to the small town I was living in before. There’s also been a death, a reconciliation, a marriage and a birth. Such fun!

Anyway in early November I shall have a new oven installed. I can’t wait, I can finally cook again. I hope you like the recipes I’ve got planned, like Perfect Roast Chicken, the Fifteen Chocolate Tart and a Tomato Chilli Jam. I’m also doing Slimming World as well, so expect quite a few ideas for that too.

Goodbye for now.



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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Jack,

    Hope that life starts to settle down for you. Good luck with the blogging return as I generally enjoy your recipes.

    One polite request though – please will you either fully commit to doing this or walk away from it completely; you’re having nearly as many come backs as Frank Sinatra and the hello-i’m-back-this-time-for-good thing starts to wear a tad thin after a while!!

    All the best with everything though.


    1. Hi Anthony,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, I am fully committed this time, and I am staying. And yes, even I admit I get a tad annoyed with writing I’m Back posts.

      Hope you like the next post.



    2. P.S. I’ve updated all the posts so there’s no “I’m back’s” etc. I’ll just post what I can when I can.


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