Just a Few Words…

Happy New Year. Did you have a good Christmas? I did, I spent it in Essex with my older brothers and their families, and I got a couple of cookbooks, no surprise there,  and a few other things. New Year was spent back at my Mum’s house in deepest, darkest Hampshire. I saw it in with a bottle of cider, which seems to have become a bit of a tradition with me now.

I had intended to cook a prawn detox noodle soup from James Ramsden today and share it with you guys, but they got used in last night’s supper instead, which I am a bit annoyed about, but any hoo. It shall be made and written about at some point, I promise.

Plus next week I am joining Slimming World, (look out for recipes in the future) and restarting my fitness regime, which I shall be writing about on jackexplainsit.wordpress.com, labelled under ‘fitness’.

Looking forward to sharing all that with you, and more in 2016.

See you soon.



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