Harissa Lamb Wraps

Sorry I’ve been MIA. There’s been a lot happening here. I won’t bore you with my scars.

While I’ve been away, I have been cooking a lot for you guys. Rather like Nigel Slater, I’ve got into the habit of keeping notes of what I do, and any thoughts as well. As well as these, I’ve also got a notepad full of ideas, mostly components from other recipes combined together (Black Forest Dodgers anyone?), and if they work, they’ll be shared on here as well.

As well as jotting notes, I’ve been thinking of creating a recipe list page, with these possible categories:

Lunches and Snacks



Puddings and Desserts


Party Food

Healthy Food


Shall I also list the recipes by ingredient like a proper index? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Anyway, here is an old recipe from my now deleted old site.

Harissa Lamb Wraps

A simple lunch dish done with some leftover lamb.

A forage in the fridge. A lump of leftover roast lamb, a little salad, the remnants of a pot of chilli spiced houmous. Great, now what’s in the cupboard? 

Tortilla wraps, wholemeal; a jar of harissa. Also a small onion and a pepper.

In a small frying pan heat some oil. Meanwhile, slice the onion and pepper. Cook in the oil until softened, about fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile chop or shred the lamb. Once the onions are cooked, add the lamb and cook for a few more minutes to heat the lamb up. Spoon in about 1-1 1/2 tablespoons of harissa paste, and stir to combine.

On a couple of plates, lay out a tortilla wrap (you can heat these up too) on each one. Spread with houmous, spoon on the lamb, top with fresh salad. 

Roll up. Devour. Wash them down with a beer. Peroni for me. Something interesting to watch alongside. I seem to remember it being one of the appendices for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy


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