Happy New Year!

Did you have a good Christmas? I did. It was spent in Hampshire, with my family. I had a good haul, a few books, some DVDs and clothes, chocolate and a few bits from the David Beckham men’s range. And a Nutribullet, as well. New Year was seen in quietly, with a mug of hot chocolate at Midnight.

The morning after, we started this New Year with a bacon roll. (I cooked the bacon for 15 minutes at 200c/180c fan/gas 6, and used them in fresh mini baguettes with cream cheese.)

After a few weeks of not blogging, I am so glad to be back here, I find it calming writing about baking and cooking, it’s my form of relaxing. Some people find having a massage relaxing, or even a bath; I much prefer standing at a stove, truth be told, I also find having a work-out calming. I’m a strange lad.

Now this year, my thirtieth, will be hopefully a joyful time in the kitchen; where I will do healthy versions of my favourite meals, occasional preserving sessions and a few bakes for fun. I am also toying with a few extra ideas as well, so watch this space darlings.

All the best,



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