Old-School Chocolate Fudge Frosting

As a child I adored chocolate fudge cake, in fact I used to request it as my birthday cake between the ages of seven and twenty-one. What I particularly loved about it was the frosting. If I happened to be around in the kitchen when Mum was icing the cake, I used to watch and hope that I’d get to lick out the pan.

The frosting recipe at the end of this post is the one my Mum used to make back then. The original cake part is now no longer part of my repertoire, which is a shame as it comes from the Queen of British Baking, Mary Berry. Her Ultimate Cake Book in fact.

Now, as much as I love Mary, I don’t think her chocolate sponge cake quite meets up to my expectations now, it always ends up being too pale and not so much flavour. So when I made my 30th birthday cake last year, 2017, I used my chocolate buttermilk cake as the base. And you know what, it was better than the original. The children loved it, my cousin and my nephew, Blake and Bailey, especially.

Old-School Chocolate Fudge Icing– adapted from Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book, makes enough to fill and cover the top and sides of a two-layer 20cm cake, or approx 18 cupcakes

I have doubled the original recipe, as that’s what my Mum used to do for my birthday cakes.

I know it’s unusual to give margarine as an ingredient in an icing, but that’s what Mary Berry says to use. And, whatever Mary says, you do.

100g margarine

50g cocoa powder, sifted

approx 4 tbsp milk

450g icing sugar

Place the margarine in a saucepan and place over a gentle heat. Allow to melt. Once melted, throw in the cocoa powder and stir in, still on the heat, cooking it for a minute.

Remove from the heat, and gradually beat in the milk and icing sugar. As soon as it’s completely smooth, allow to cool a little until spreadable.

Use to frost your desired cake. Making sure to add a layer of warm apricot jam before spreading on this fudge icing.

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