About me……

First things first, I am not a trained chef/baker, I learnt most of what I know through trial and error in my own kitchen. I’ve had an interest in cooking from a young age, probably due to the fact that food was a constantly talked about subject in the house. At the age of seven I began collecting recipes and cookbooks, and I also started having Home Economics classes at school, and helping in the kitchens of Mum and her friends.

At the age of nineteen, following the separation of my parents, I began cooking in earnest. From the moment I took that first lemon drizzle cake out of the oven, I knew that cooking was meant for me. As of that day I’ve cooked and baked my way through life. I’ve had successes, and also a few fuck-ups, but then so does every cook/baker. Even Martha Stewart.

And this brings us swiftly to……

The Recipes

The recipes that I share are a mix of what I find in cookbooks, magazines and on several food blogs. All credit is given where it’s due in each post. 

I hope to give a diverse collection of recipes on here, one that covers everything from breakfasts to afternoon tea to barbecuing to preserving. And hopefully plenty of healthy stuff too.

The Photos

Any photos featured on a post will be taken by me and my iPhone. I don’t have any training in photography, so my photos may not be the best, sorry about that. The photos will mostly be taken when there’s plenty of natural light still around, one day I’ll do some research into what I can use for the best lighting.

Also all the props you see, are my own. They’ll have been discovered mostly in secondhand places or a good homeware place.

Where else you can find me…..

A work in progress…

Please bare with me as this page will get updated from time to time, as I’m bound to have forgotten something.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dave says:

    I’m here from your Twitter. I think I put on weight just looking through all your gorgeous food pics!!

    You seem like a genuinely decent lad, so just wanted to say, keep it up!


  2. Dave Harrison says:

    A pleasure. @DeepcarDave


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