Best Ever Bolognese

A healthier version of an Italian classic. Sorry for the flurry of sweet treats on here over the past few months, especially since I’m on a weight loss regime. I shall try to keep these to a minimum these days. Anyway, back to business. One of the first things I did on joining Slimming World … Continue reading Best Ever Bolognese

Easy Midweek Paella

A great storecupboard supper that’s ideal for the winter months. Although, having said that, I have made this in the summer and I enjoyed it then too. This is one of those recipes that is easily adaptable to whatever you got in the fridge. I once made this using skinned Cumberland pork sausages, sliced chorizo … Continue reading Easy Midweek Paella

Sausage Ragu

Oh how I loathe the term “signature dish”, it makes me cringe and want to give up cooking. But then I wouldn’t  be a food blogger anymore, would I?  Anyway here is my, cringe, signature dish. A bloody tasty sauce for any type of short pasta, penne (tubes) or conchiglie (shells) work best, all those … Continue reading Sausage Ragu