Best Ever Bolognese

A healthier version of an Italian classic. Sorry for the flurry of sweet treats on here over the past few months, especially since I’m on a weight loss regime. I shall try to keep these to a minimum these days. Anyway, back to business. One of the first things I did on joining Slimming World … Continue reading Best Ever Bolognese

Pesto Tuna Pasta Salad

Well, this is it, my first Slimming World recipe. A filling pasta salad, based on an idea told to me by my cousin. The point of Slimming World is that it’s a lifestyle choice, not a diet. You can eat things on this, like pasta,and feel full afterwards. Which is great. And you can have … Continue reading Pesto Tuna Pasta Salad

Vodka Penne

An excellent recipe  from Donal Skehan. If you’re worried about giving this to children, the alcohol will be cooked off in the process. A very simple and quick tomato sauce for pasta.  Ideal for students, indeed anyone who has a bottle of vodka in the cupboard. This recipe was the first one from Donal that … Continue reading Vodka Penne

Sausage Ragu

Oh how I loathe the term “signature dish”, it makes me cringe and want to give up cooking. But then I wouldn’t  be a food blogger anymore, would I?  Anyway here is my, cringe, signature dish. A bloody tasty sauce for any type of short pasta, penne (tubes) or conchiglie (shells) work best, all those … Continue reading Sausage Ragu

School Days Bolognese

This is a recipe from my Mum’s old school books from when she studied for her O Level in Home Economics during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. This is a fantastic recipe. Mum’s made this so many times over the years that she never refers to the book any more. She uses it for … Continue reading School Days Bolognese