Happy New Year! Did you have a good Christmas? I did. It was spent in Hampshire, with my family. I had a good haul, a few books, some DVDs and clothes, chocolate and a few bits from the David Beckham men’s range. And a Nutribullet, as well. New Year was seen in quietly, with a … Continue reading H.N.Y.


Right then lovely readers, it is now December, Christmas is round the corner, which means lots of good food and drink, treats and more treats. Unfortunately I won’t be blogging any recipes this December. Sorry about that, but there will be more recipes after New Year. The reason is because I am being really busy … Continue reading T.T.F.N.

A Little Word

In 2017 I turn thirty, therefore starting the second act of my life. And I can’t wait. In the meantime I’m working on getting as fit and healthy as possible through my diet and a series of HIIT workouts and mixed martial arts. But this doesn’t mean I’m not going to have a treat now … Continue reading A Little Word

Just a Few Words…

Happy New Year. Did you have a good Christmas? I did, I spent it in Essex with my older brothers and their families, and I got a couple of cookbooks, no surprise there,  and a few other things. New Year was spent back at my Mum’s house in deepest, darkest Hampshire. I saw it in … Continue reading Just a Few Words…

My Mother’s Minestrone

A wonderful soup for lunch beside the fire. After so many baking recipes lately, which isn’t good for Slimming World, I’ve decided to focus on a more balanced selection of recipes, starting with this soup. If you were expecting this to be a true Minestrone recipe, I’m afraid it isn’t. It’s my mother’s version, which … Continue reading My Mother’s Minestrone

An Update

Well, well, my dear reader, what a hectic eighteen months I’ve had. I moved to Southampton, then back to the small town I was living in before. There’s also been a death, a reconciliation, a marriage and a birth. Such fun! Anyway in early November I shall have a new oven installed. I can’t wait, … Continue reading An Update


Hello folks. Jack Knight from theknightoftheroundtable.wordpress.com here. I’ve decided to ditch the Round Table site and start again. New beginnings, and all that shit. With this new site I’m going to try and keep a sense of order with the posts etc. I just found that KotRT got too out of control for my liking, … Continue reading Welcome…..