Happy New Year! Did you have a good Christmas? I did. It was spent in Hampshire, with my family. I had a good haul, a few books, some DVDs and clothes, chocolate and a few bits from the David Beckham men’s range. And a Nutribullet, as well. New Year was seen in quietly, with a … Continue reading H.N.Y.


Right then lovely readers, it is now December, Christmas is round the corner, which means lots of good food and drink, treats and more treats. Unfortunately I won’t be blogging any recipes this December. Sorry about that, but there will be more recipes after New Year. The reason is because I am being really busy … Continue reading T.T.F.N.

Christmas Chutney 

Okay, here we go. The most popular recipe in my Christmas repertoire. My mother’s been making this since November 1990 when she brought herself a copy of Delia Smith’s original Christmas book; and now, twenty six years later, I make it. From my own copy. Brought in the charity shop at the end of the … Continue reading Christmas Chutney